Polular Cameroonian singer Denciahas disclosed why she behaves childish and uselessly as she speaks about how her mother is just exactly like her.

Dencia in her post stated that she took after her mother who is so childish and useless and now she sees why she is how she is as it appears she took most of her personality traits from her mother who is childish and useless.
According to what she said, her mother doesn’t take anything seriously and they are the same hence that explains why she
sometimes behaves so childish and useless and does not take anything seriously as she’s supposed to do.

Dencia added that she and her mother are two headstrongand hard-working useless Arians who behave childishly and take nothing seriously and that explains why Dencia does most of the things she does that makes others wonder why she does that.
What Dencia said about her making of being childish and useless applies to her as well as she claims she took after her in so many ways but we who only know her on social media don’t see it that way based on what she posts online.

See screenshot below;