Religion play a big part in our lives, we all very religions beings as we have an affinity with a particular religion, be it Christianity, Islam, or traditional. We all belong to one sect or the other.

The big question is that do we really follow the precept of our religions or do we just go there for the purpose of being identified with one group? It’s a normal scenario when people are in Church: they display a lot of piety. They come as early as possible for service, they sing and clap with joy, swinging their hands and praising the most high God. They listen with rapt attention to the teaching of the pastor and resound a big Amen to the God Almighty.
But how many of those teachings do we actually imbibe and practice in our everyday lives? Needless to state that people came to church for different reason, in fact most of them came to church with very suspicious minds. They suspect that the pastor is spending church money on unused things: they suspect that titles are being misnamed: they suspect that the choir master is laying down with the ladies in the choir.

The greatest suspicious however, is with the singles and by this, I mean the single brothers and sisters in the church. The single ladies in the church is suspicious when a brother tries to be friendly with her, she believes he his just telling her about marriage because he want to get in between her laps. While the single good-looking guy in the church is suspicious for the single sister because he believes she is desperately looking for a husband and just want to rope him into the husband role. I was having a very interesting discussion with a friend of mine one day and somehow our bargaining bothered on different relationships and perceptions in the church. He said that single ladies in the church all try to show off too much niceness to the guys. Especially if you have a good job or your are richer and is of marriage age. They would coo up to you, enquire about your work and life and even try to negotiate with you into joining their relationship outlet has well as inviting themselves to you for “follow up”. He said sometimes the too much niceness rubs off the wrong way on the guys.
He said they will prefer that the single sisters, respect the mutual communication and not overstep their boundaries while trying nice Christian sisters.

While I believe that one of the biggest misconceptions is that the good sister in the church make good-looking husbands. Just as marriage between born again couples in the church are not always the happiest of marriages. I also believe to some extent that there are still some few nice eggs amongst the rotten ones. It is not every girl in the church that’s a pretender; some people are naturally nice like that. Unfortunately, if they are nice and they are single, they are quickly grouped into the single and desperately searching category, because of that belief, most guys in the church prefer to date and eventually marry their girlfriend or better still marry another sister from another church, instead as ” The Lucifer you know is far better than the angel you don’t know”. That’s despite the repeated advertisement which some church priest or leader do for their single sisters, some even go far as matchmaking in the church.

So if you are wondering why the single brothers in the church his up in marrying sisters from another church, it may be because they high suspicious of the sisters believes, they are all pretending to be good just to get a good husband.
Funny enough, like all things, there are kindly examples of seemingly born again couples who got married in the church and end up with broken homes, while many are barely managing to keep their homes together. There are however, some exemplary eases of marriage, which were planted in the church and have withstood the test of time, and both couples are the happier of it. One can never really know what is in the mind of the brothers or sisters in the church even as they smile at you courteously usher you to a seat, for all you know they might be calling you a saint or pretender, but you can never know about it.